......all prices include $50 consultation fee

Microblading Eyebrows                $420       

     After we have discussed and designed the desired shape of your brows, I will use a new, sterile microblade to deposit pigment using short, hairlike strokes.

Tattoo Eyebrows                            $420  

     After the design and approval of your brows, a Mosaic Machine is used to create your eyebrows.  This procedure has a more solid, penciled-in look.


     Lash enhancement

Upper                       $225                         -"The Invisible Eyeliner."  Pigment is used to fill in                                                                             between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker,                                                                               darker, fuller lashes without looking lined, for a more                                                                         natural look.

Lower                       $200

Both                         $400


      colour correction / camouflage        

                                                                                   Price subject to consultation            

      dreamlash lift                                  $150

Gives irresistible curves in your lashes, making them appear longer and fuller.