My name is Kim Harrison and I have been interested/obsessed with eyebrows for as long as I can remember.  Having dark brown eyes and very fine blond eyebrows is not the best combination.  If the eyes are the windows to the soul, I was missing the window frame.  And so began my obsession with eyebrows.

I have tried dyeing them (too fine), various brow pencils, shadows, waterproof mascara, oil pastels, you name it, I've probably tried it.  All with mixed results.  As an active kid/teenager who loved the water, I had to be very careful not to rub my brows or I'd end up with a smudged face or a uni-brow.  Even camping, I would get up a few minutes before everyone else and grab my tiny mirror and quickly "put on my brows".  Sometimes I would draw them too thin, too arched, too thick, too long etc.  I had a new look every day.

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One day I read about Permanent Makeup and couldn't believe what I was reading.  Permanent eyebrows!  It couldn't be true, could it?  I immediately did some research, saved my heard earned cash, and headed over to get my eyebrows done.  Unless you've been eyebrow-less, you can't imagine how freeing it felt, (but if you're reading this, you just might). No longer would I need to spend 10-15 min each morning putting on brows, I could go swimming, worry-free, workout and mop the sweat off my entire face instead of gently dabbing.  I could sleep a little longer, and face down if I liked.  Oh the possibilities.  

Fast forward a few years......I got married, had 2 beautiful boys, who were not so small anymore, and was thinking of getting back out into the work force.  The big question was, what to do?  It was suggested to me by 2 dear people in my life to "do eyebrows."  I gave it some thought and dove in.  I completed my Permanent Makeup Technician course at BioTouch Canada in Vancouver, and here I am, ready to help you achieve your goals for your image.

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If you find that your brows have thinned, disappeared, are too short, or if you find that you are having a hard time seeing well enough to draw them on each morning, or want them more defined, Permanent Makeup is for you.